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Thinking about giving your living space a fresh look? Read on to find out what’s trending in home decor right now.

Green. From fashion runways to design studios, this classic color is everywhere. Olive, emerald, lime – with so many shades to choose from, green can go with almost any style. Bring a bit of the outdoors in by decorating with green art, throw pillows, linens, rugs, upholstered furniture and accent pieces.

Texture. Pleats, velvet, faux fur, leather and mohair are some examples of trendy textures. Use them along with mixed patterns and brushed metals to help make a room more interesting and inviting.

Organic materials. Nature is also making its way indoors through the use of wood, stone, clay and wicker. These earthy, organic materials will add beauty to any room. Frames, vases and baskets are practical ways to incorporate this theme.

Tropical prints. A current favorite of several high-end fashion designers, island-inspired patterns are being seen in many household fabrics, including blankets, pillows and upholstery.

Artisanal items. Objects handmade by skilled artisans are in demand, including porcelain, hand-blown glass and fiber art. Uniquely crafted furniture is also a hot ticket right now.

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