Equal Housing Opportunity

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Our staff is trying to provide the best possible service to you. However, sometimes we may fall short. We will do whatever is needed to improve and in doing this, we will require your assistance.

We are tracking the building cleaning and we are aware when each building’s common area is cleaned. We are asking you to help us keep them clean.

First, do not put your household trash in the laundry room trash cans. Please take it to the dumpsters as your lease requires you to do.

Do no litter or allow your guests to litter in the hallways.

Do not smoke in any common area, or when outside within 50 feet of the building. No on should be loitering on the front steps blocking entry or exit from the building.

If you see someone violating these rules take a picture with your cell phone and bring it to the office or email it to dclark@prormi.com.

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